High-Tec design and modern computer electronics, combine to make your new GENIE COMPLETE SYSTEM one of the most advanced face and body care systems available in the world today. State of the art electronics, software and programming have all been developed following 15 years of research and operating experience.
The GENIE COMPLETE SYSTEM provides treatments which will allow your client to see and feel immediate, verifiable results.
The GENIE COMPLETE has a number of significant features, which enable you to offer your clients extremely effective treatments for a variety of different aesthetic problems. It is a computerised instrument which combines the benefits of accuracy and precision with the ability to have both factory pre-set and user definable programmes to suit its wide variety of applications.
The GENIE COMPLETE allows you to treat problems on both the face and the body.
The GENIE COMPLETE has a number of factory pre-set programmes. The programmes are designed to obtain the best results for specific treatments such as slimming, toning, cellulite and non-surgical face lifting, where different settings are used as the client treatments progress with successive visits. Other treatments offered include wrinkle reduction, lymphatic drainage and are as diverse as tightening of the skin on the back of the hand to bust enhancement.
The pre-set facility provides a major time saving for the operator as all the relevant wave shapes, power levels, frequencies etc., automatically change to the correct settings as the treatments progresses stage by stage eliminating the need to manually re-set them at each stage. In addition, the operator may over-ride certain factory pre-sets to give additional individual attention to specific clients.

Our Staff & Your Treatments

    All Laser Specialists employed at Maxi Medicare have undertaken core knowledge laser training and have many years experience in the fields of both laser hair removal and treating skin conditions using lasers. Combined with the most advanced medical technology in the world today our in-depth understanding of laser hair removal guarantees you the best results from your treatment backed up by our comprehensive support throughout your treatments.

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