Laser Hair Removal Comparison

Maxi Medicare has always chosen to put our clients first in everything we do and we think it is only right that our clients have a full understanding of Laser Hair Removal before they commit to a course of treatments.

When investing in a course of Laser Hair Removal we feel that it is important that you not only know about the clinic you are about to invest into but also the machine that that clinic uses.

Below we have compiled a list of the 3 main machines used for Laser Hair Removal today and have based the list on the most common questions that we get from clients when enquiring about Laser Hair Removal on the phone to us.

The list covers all the main points but should you have any further queries in relation to the Soprano XLI or any other Laser Hair Removal Machine for your research, you are more than welcome to simply contact us and our laser consultants will be more than happy to assist you with any further queries you may have.


Alma Lasers

Candella & Cynosure



Soprano XLI Diode Lasers

Alexandrite Lasers

IPL Machines

Pain Free Laser Hair Removal



Fully FDA Approved Medical Grade Hair Removal Laser


Over 95% Efficiency on Each Hair Removal Treatment



In Motion Laser Delivery System



Safe For All Skin Types Including Darker Skin Types



Long Lasting Hair Reduction for over 95% of Clients


Additional Cooling Required to Reduce Burning on Skin  

Treats Grey, Blonde or Red Hair Types