Your Laser Hair Removal Consultation

Your laser consultation is an essential part of finding out if you are a suitable candidate for laser hair removal. At Maxi Medicare our dedicated laser specialists will assess both your medical and physical suitability for laser treatment.

The consultation will assess you suitability for treatment and will also give you realistic expectations as to the level of hair reduction that maybe achieved through a course of treatments.

A patch test may also be performed on or close to the desired treatment site to ensure that you are 100% suitable.

During the consultation you may be asked to discuss your:

- Lifestyle

- Medical history

- Current or recent medication


After the consultation you should have a clear understanding of:

- How the SopranoXLI Removes unwanted body hair

- What the treatment involves

- What the treatment should feel like

- Expected results

- How many treatments may be required

- What you can and cannot do during and between treatments

- Price of your treatment(s) and payment options

- Why the Soprano XL - FDA Approved Medical Grade 810nm Diode Laser - is the best hair removal device on the market today.


Price: Your first laser hair removal consultation is free of charge.