Modern Laser Lipo                              Traditional Liposuction


    No pain                                                        Pain (maybe significant)

    No downtime                                                Surgical recovery period

    No swelling                                                  Localized swelling

    Non-invasive                                                Invasive

    Affordable (up to 60% lower costs)               Expensive

    No risk of infection                                      Infection risk

    Return to work & play immediately             Time off of work & play

    No scars                                                      May have scars

    No aesthesia risk                                         Aesthesia risk

    Shrinks fat cells-- no damage to tissues       Some destruction of tissue & fat cells

    Effective for fat loss & inch loss                    Effective fat & inch loss


Laser Lipo Technology is able to produce terrific results without the considerable risks and pain of liposuction. Besides shrinking the fat painlessly, Laser Lipo Technology produces smooth contours in all treated areas: none of the often lumpy results of liposuction. Because Laser Lipo Treatments are not harsh on the body, larger areas of subcutaneous fat are able to be shrink during the course of the typical 10 session series. Why not maximise your results while minimising your risks? Be good to your body and be good to your pocketbook and choose the latest technology of Laser Lipo.