Patient Information

Things to bring


2 items to confirm identity, one including a photograph ID items such as a driving license, passport or utility bill will be sufficient. The medical questionnaire sent by Maxi Medicare fully filled out. Any notes you have taken regarding the accident or injuries you have sustained, any photographic evidence you have to support your injuries.


The Examination


During the examination you will need to give a detailed account of the mechanism of the accident. Following this you will need to give a detailed chronological account of all the injuries you have sustained. Details of any treatment sought should if possible be brought. A detailed examination of all the injuries sustained will the follow.  


Following this a discussion will occur in which you will be advised of my opinion regarding the possible resolution of any ongoing injuries along with advice regarding any rehabilitation needed  ( such as physiotherapy).


The Report


Following the examination we shall arrange for your report to be written. This will not only detail the injuries sustained but also my opinion, prognosis and treatment recommendations. This report is usually available within 2 days of the examination, providing all medical evidence is ready.